Cabinet Cost

The cost of redoing your kitchen cabinets depends on what you want to do them.  You have a lot of options, especially if your old ones are made out of real wood.  Aside from the obvious of completely building new ones, you can re-finish your current ones, or you can just make new doors.  Many cabinet doors are made out of veneer or fiberboard and thus can’t be sanded down and repainted like solid wood.  This is why you’ll often have to fully replace them if you wish to change the color or re-condition them.

Full tear down – Obviously tearing down and rebuilding all the cabinets, doors, and shelves will be the most expensive option.  This should only be used if either they’re ruined beyond repair, or they’re made of cheap fiberboard or veneer.  If you have to do this, don’t panic, there are low cost options for fully building a set of new kitchen cabinets.

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Like any other type of home remodeling, purchasing cabinets is extremely expensive.  A good quality kitchen design can run tens of thousands of dollars when you factor in materials and labor.  If you build them yourself, including countertops, you’re looking at somewhere in the nature of $2000-3000, perhaps even less depending on what you want.  This of course assumes you have all the tools needed to complete the job, but hey even if you don’t, you’re still saving money and gaining useful tools.

Refinish – This is the cheapest method you can choose and often the most popular.  This involves taking the cabinets and doors off the walls and disassembling the hardware attached to them.  You then re-sand and repaint them.  You can either purchase newer more modern hardware, or you can clean the existing stuff you have.  If you wish to purchase new hardware, you can save literally hundreds of dollars if you shop online at places like eBay.  A handle that would cost $4 at a home store costs $1 on eBay and is of equal quality.  Other than that, the cost of a refinish is just stain and sandpaper, the project should be under $100.

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Rebuild the doors – This is the option I took with my kitchen cabinets.  The doors were veneered for some reason, while the rest was made out of solid wood.  While it took some learning and the purchasing of a planer of Craigslist, I made refinished all the cabinets, purchased new hardware, and built new doors for under $1,000 total.  Not bad for a total kitchen remodel.

Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t have to be associated with outrageous costs.  If you have solid wood cabinets, you’re extremely lucky as many low cost solutions exist to give your kitchen a complete makeover for hardly any money at all.  With a little bit of know-how and effort, you can easily refinish your kitchen cabinets for little cost to you.