Boudoir Photography Suffolk

Not sure what to give your other half for their upcoming birthday? How about you surprise them with a boudoir photograph? Yes, that is exactly what you think it is – a sexy, sensual photo of yourself! Boudoir photography in Suffolk is a growing trend. It is photography that aims to capture women either wearing very little or sometimes, well, nothing at all. It is up to you to choose how much you want to expose and how much the photographer that you choose allows you to expose – there are some that insist on some clothing but there are those who will allow you to go all natural. Sold on the idea already? Here are tips to help you get the best boudoir photos.

• You have to have your makeup done professionally. This is usually part of the photo shoot – they have people in the studio that can do professional hair and makeup. You can choose a look in advance so that you don’t waste time in the studio deciding what you want to look like. Get inspiration from magazines and online photos of celebrities that you admire.

• Get whatever you will be wearing in advance and confirm with the photographer that it will work. There are some lingerie combos that just don’t do well in photos and you don’t want to postpone your boudoir photo shoot because you have to find an alternative outfit.

• Your pose is going to require hard work. If you will be posing on a bed, for instance, it is more than just lying down. There are certain ways that limbs have to be arranged if they are going to look good on cameras. Ask your photographer if they can practice your different poses with you for a bit in advance. When you go home repeat what you learnt so that on the day of the shoot your poses are effortless.

• On the day of the shoot, wear loose clothing such as kaftan. Tight clothing and belts and even bras will leave marks on your skin which will appear on your photos. In addition to that, make sure that you use a clear deodorant which doesn’t show on your underarms.

• Have your accessories handy. You need to find good jewelry, hats, furs, shoes and so on. The best places to find these things without paying a whole lot of money is in second hand markets – they have a wide range for you to choose from and most of it is very authentic.

• If you are not blessed with a substantial bust you may want to enhance things a bit with bra boosters. They cost very little but can do a lot for your photos.

Now that you know what to do for your shoot it is time to find a photographer. We recommend that you use Helena G. Anderson, one of the best boudoir photographers in Suffolk. We promise you that you will not be disappointed – her work has been praised by many as the best in the area.

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