Hiring a Skip in Cambridge

Dawson Plant Hire is your source for the best in industrial waste compactors. From small to large sizes, these Cambs skips easily fit onto special Lorries. Whether for bulk trash removal or construction site clearance, customers continue to receive exemplary services from Dawson. This includes onsite waste removal services, along with convenient recycling at our lot. Our highly dedicated and certified team also handles all paperwork from start to finish. This alleviates the stress and tension of eliminating waste and rubbish on your own. If looking for the best skip rentals and purchases, this company will truly achieve your desired results.

Skip Rentals and Sales

Dawson Plant Hire features a full range of skips for a myriad of industries. This includes construction, along with architectural digs, retail establishments, and especially demolition. From large cylinder blocks to discarded and unwanted metal, we haul large volume and bulk materials with true precision. Our skips are also easy to load and remove when not in use. Whether for short-term or long-term needs, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done right. No project is every too big or small, and we are fully certified and insured across the board. As always, our grab and haul services meet all environmental guidelines and regulations. We also work with our customers every step of the way to ensure timely and lasting results.

The Dawson Experience

Dawson features a full selection of services for new and existing customers. Whether for new building models to renovation, our skip rentals and purchases will meet all your needs within time and budget. We are also committed to excellence in all jobs – and always ensure the following services for all customers and industrial agencies:

·         Grab and Lorry Load services.

·         Skip Hire – Tipper Hire – Plant Hire.

·         Low Loader and equipment rentals/purchases.

·         Driveway construction.

·         Small groundwork projects.

·         Topsoil and hardcore.

·         Recycling –rubbish and waste removal – safe hauling and convenient transport services.

·         Environmentally friendly services – Eco units and containers.

For the best skip services and equipment rentals, Dawson will truly achieve your desired results. We continue to receive great reviews from our clients, along with top industry rankings. We also guarantee the most affordable and reliable skip containers for all waste removal jobs. For more information, contact  us today and experience the best services from the best in the industry!

Cambridge Boarding Facilities

Boarding Schools One of the best places for your teenager to go to boarding school is in Cambridge – some of the best brains, not just in the UK but all over the world, studied there at some point in their lives.

It is not a coincidence that Cambridge is home to some of the finest educational institutions – it is a cosmopolitan city with wide open spaces that allow students to find the tranquility they need to study. In addition to that, there is plenty of culture and it is a city that is fun and exciting to explore.

So, with so many 6th form boarding school in the UK, which one should you choose for your child? Here is what you should be looking for:

• Is the school single sex or co-educational? This is a big decision because there are arguments for and against each type of school. Ultimately, your child should be the one to make the decision about whether they are able to study and concentrate with the distractions that come with the opposite sex at that age. That said, it is always better for your child to go to a co-educational boarding school because it prepares them for the life that they will have in university.

• You want to find out how many students are full boarders. Most boarding schools have 2 options when it comes to boarding – your child can be a full boarder or they can be weekly boarders. If they are full boarders they get to come home only one every term during half-term. If they are weekly boarders they get to go home every weekend. You want a school that has more full boarders because they tend to have a wider range of weekend activities.

• Consider how much the school will cost you. Boarding school fees tends to vary quite a bit so do some research on this area. When you are budgeting don’t forget to include the cost of uniform, sports gear, books and any other items that students are required to have. It is always better to think about how much you will spend until your child is through with 6th form studies.

• What are the needs of your child? Boarding schools have different environments and it is up to you to choose a school where your child is most comfortable. Think about their personality, their hopes, their talents, what they may want to do in the future and so on. If your child is shy you should look for a school that doesn’t have a history of bullying. One of the most highly recommended boarding schools in Cambridge is the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies. They have a good track record of getting students into some of the best universities and they have excellent boarding facilities

How to Do the Best Norfolk Barn Weddings

Norfolk is popularly known for its outstanding countryside and doing a barn wedding here is definitely a huge accomplishment. For the past few years, a lot of couples have been choosing Norfolk as the ultimate wedding venue and even for you, this can be a reality. However, planning a barn wedding in Norfolk may have some challenges, especially if you are new to this type of wedding. Ultimately though, your main objective is to ensure your barn wedding is memorable for everyone who attends. Here are some tips on how to do the best barn wedding in Norfolk:

Create the Guest List

Wedding barns in Norfolk come in different sizes. Therefore, before you even start to look for a barn, you need to know exactly the number of guests you are expecting for the wedding. This will help you narrow down your search to wedding barns that are all big enough to cater for the guests. However, relatively bigger wedding barns will often cost more than smaller ones; nonetheless, comfort for all the people attending your wedding should be your number one objective.

Find the Perfect Wedding Barn

There are so many different wedding barns in Norfolk, but based on the demand barn weddings have, it is so easy to find all of them fully booked. So to avoid the disappointment of missing out, you have to always start looking as early as possible. Immediately you have set the wedding date, make sure you start looking for a wedding barn. That way, it will be easy to fulfill your dream of a memorable Norfolk barn wedding.

Get the Decorations Needed

Though most wedding barns are perfect for any wedding, you have to add your own unique touch of decoration. The best way to do this is to have a number of different concepts for the decoration. You can then take each of these concepts, try them out, and see how everything looks. It is always better to select a decoration concept early before the wedding so that everything needed is well in place.

Norfolk has a very romantic setting and having a barn wedding in this part of England will surely excite any engaged couples. However, it is always very crucial to plan early so that the experience is even more rewarding. Norfolk barn weddings are like no other weddings; you can start booking your ideal barn today.

Cambridge Furniture Stores

Part of what makes a cozy home is investing in quality furniture and one of the best ways to do that is to shop in Cambridge furniture stores. There is enough variety for your bedrooms, kitchen or living room, not forgetting an array of choices that suit your taste. If you are looking for the latest upgrade in home furnishings, here are a couple of things you should know.

Dining Furniture

Your dining area is where the entire family gets together, share a meal, and have memorable conversations. Therefore, it has to look attractive and evoke the warm ambience characteristic of any family diner area. There are plenty of options in Cambridge furniture stores you can experiment with.

There is wood for that rustic feel to your dining set or glass which creates an illusion of space. Additionally, you can experiment with new and unique styles like chrome and high gloss finish on your dining set. For the big family, there are dining tables that stretch out to accommodate more tables as well as smaller ones for a family of two or five.

Furniture for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom also needs to look and feel cozy whenever you retire from a long day’s work. Cambridge furniture stores stock bedroom furnishings that suit the part; from traditional designs that can date all the way to the Elizabethan era to ultra-modern designs that create this suave ambience in your master bedroom or the kids’ rooms.

Update your bedroom look with antique chests, dressing tables or contemporary drawers and wardrobes. A huge selection of the furnishing has their main pieces in dazzling colors and designs to form the highlight in the whole bedroom setup.

Furniture Additions

You could have all your bedrooms and living room sorted with the adequate furniture, but there is always room for more if you are looking for a more sophisticated look. You could throw in occasional furniture like a book case, console table, or a lamp stand to spice things up. On the other hand, perhaps a TV or audio unit with a rustic charm that invites everyone to the living room will add that needed flavor in your home.


The kitchen is where your family meets for meals. So there is an abundance of things you can add to your large or mini kitchen to make it as homely. Cambridge furniture stores stock the best folding tables or permanent tables with unique square or round designs. There are kitchen tables with glass tops as well and bar stools or chair in different colors, sizes and style.

Shopping at Cambridge furniture stores exposes you to variety you have never imagined. There are furnishings suited for all sorts of homes, from the archaic somber designs to the lively modern looks. There is plenty of furnishing ideas for your bedrooms, living room, kitchen barbecue area or even patio. Cambridge furniture stores also stock occasional furniture pieces to feel up those empty areas in your home, and make your décor a little more sophisticated.