Wooden Cabinets

   If you’re looking to create additional storage space that is both economical and efficient, there is no better solution than learning how to build cabinets. Whether you’re looking to house your kitchen condiments, a new set of speakers or even a safely-kept firearm, the variety of uses for cabinets are limited only by your imagination.

When it comes to making your own cabinets, from the most basic to the most elaborate of designs, there are a few basic things that you’ll want to consider. These include materials, plans, measurements and function or purpose. Let’s take a closer look at these key aspects and designs as well as some of the more common types that you’ll see in a home setting.


Cabinets are usually made of wood. That being said, if you’ve every done any type of home improvement project or even took Shop in High School, then you already know that not all wood is created equal.

Birch and Oak – Some of the cheaper materials such as birch or oak will serve their purpose as they are durable enough, however the aesthetic element could well be lacking as these woods are a bit harder to stain for an elegant look.

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Hickory and Cherry – These are stronger types of wood and are considered to be higher quality and often comes in a deep rich dark reddish brown color or a light beige. Many people who want to build quality cabinets opt for these two wood types.

Laminate – This synthetic material can come in almost any color you can imagine as well as an endless variety of patterns.  It’s also significantly cheaper than actual wood. It also has the advantage of being fairly durable, even as durable as the real thing.

Stainless Steel – Gun safe anyone? This material will be extremely tough to penetrate, will provide added security if coupled with a locking mechanism and also comes in a variety of colors.

Types and Designs

If you can build a cabinet large enough to house it, then you can theoretically have one for any purpose. Let’s take a look at some of the more common types of cabinets you may consider building in your home.

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Kitchen – These are probably the most popular choice amongst homeowners. There’s much to consider when building kitchen cabinets. One of those is the color scheme and overall style of the rest of the kitchen to consider when building the cabinets. Many homeowners will enlist the help of a kitchen remodeler to make sure the project comes out perfectly.

Speaker – If you have a home theater system with surround sound, you may have already considered building housing for each of these speakers. Speaker cabinets can be a great solution that provides added protection for your speakers as well as a neater look for your entertainment area.
Cabinets for your home
As you can see there are many things to consider when embarking on a cabinet building project and you may find that the most time consuming step is figuring out exactly what size, materials and type of cabinet you want to build. Each step is no less important than the other.  Making a mistake at any point while building your cabinets could give you a less than desirable end result. For example, if your measurements are off by just an eighth of an inch, your cabinets could wind up looking dilapidated and less sturdy. This only goes to show that precision and attention to detail will be your best friends during this journey.